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CoolClouds heat sinks provide for a quantum leap in silicon power


The Problem

Microprocessors have grown so small and so densely integrated that heat management now poses the largest barrier to faster processors and more powerful performance.


The Solution

CoolClouds experts have developed a game-changing hybrid heat sink that cools microprocessors far more effectively than any other product on the market.


The Product

Microprocessors now are stuck at about 4GHz. Our revolutionary SuprCool™ module allows for as much as 32GHz of game-changing performance.


SuprCool™ provides electronics cooling in all circumstances for all designs and power dissipations by morphing in to the available design space. Our SuprCool™ module is three times more powerful than typical air-cooled heat sinks, and half the size but twice the performance of existing water-cooled systems. It fits in a 1U server rack and cools chips at up to 500W of power.

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howitworksOur cooling module is made of several patent-pending materials and components, including hybrid micro-channel technology, to achieve the maximum performance in the minimum space. This hybrid cooling technology can save up to $2 million in a typical data center, or power faster, more dynamic personal computers and communications devices.

why-iconMost computers today use less effective air cooling modules. Several thermal management companies have developed water-cooled systems, but these include external components that are bulky and expensive. Whether you want to overclock your personal computer or run your own servers, “bulky,” “expensive” and “less effective” are rarely what you’re looking for.

our_team_iconCoolClouds is working with industry-leading system companies to integrate our thermal modules into their equipment and we are eager to see these systems in the market soon. Click for more information about the team.


SuprCool™ modules eliminate data center hot spots and enable faster CPUs to operate at lower temperatures. Data processing and storage are both pushing beyond the limits of data centers worldwide. Data centers needs thermal solutions that leverage the existing infrastructure and architecture of servers and racks. CoolClouds solutions are designed to match existing 1U and 2U physical constraints, minimizing capital expenditure. The efficiency of CoolClouds solutions also lowers operating expenditures by reducing the volume flow requirements of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) equipment. Click to find out more.

Personal Computers

Since SuprCool™ modules are so effective at such a small size, they make an ideal solution for high-performance personal computing. Computer gaming enthusiasts continually search for better and faster platforms to gain an edge over fellow gamers, and overclocking is a time-honored tradition to supercharge stock computer platforms. In the future, CoolClouds’ SuprCool™ will have a gamer module that removes the barrier to clock speeds without requiring a hack saw. Simply replace the CPU heat sink on your latest Intel or AMD CPU with a SuprCool™ module and ramp up the power on your gaming computer. Click to find out more.


We’ve come to expect the full spectrum of broadband communications from every device everywhere. The telecommunications backbone is rapidly expanding to meet our expectations with increasing speeds and flexibility. The racks of equipment serving this infrastructure demand extreme performance in as compact an envelope as possible. This pushes thermal challenges to the limit, and requires innovative solutions that break from traditional methods. SuprCool™ modules are designed for the ultimate in performance and reliability in compact modules that meet the demands of high-density, high-performance telecommunications equipment. Click to find out more.


Military communications devices are demanding greater bandwidth and range in more challenging operating environments. Managing the high-power devices enabling these advances requires a new approach. SuprCool™ modules are up to the challenge, offering new levels of performance that leap beyond traditional approaches. We work with your team to provide novel cooling modules that provide the reliability and performance you need for mission-critical operations. Click to find out more.

LED Applications

The flexibility offered by SuprCool modules removes constraints to designing with high power LED lighting applications. Click to find out more.

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