We’ve come to expect the full spectrum of broadband communications from every device everywhere. The telecommunications backbone is rapidly expanding to meet our expectations with increasing speeds and flexibility. The racks of equipment serving this infrastructure demand extreme performance in as compact an envelope as possible. This pushes thermal challenges to the limit, and requires innovative solutions that break from traditional methods. SuprCool™ heat sinks are designed for the ultimate in performance and reliability in compact heat sinks that meet the demands of high-density, high-performance telecommunications equipment.

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Component density reaches a pinnacle in telecom systems. A total solution utilizing SuprCool™ technology can be configured to extract waste heat from systems with the most constraining requirements. Here, four SuprCool™ heat sinks are sandwiched between a pair of mated circuit boards to efficiently remove over 1000 watts of power. After extensive research and analysis, our engineers craft an optimal solution for customer’s product.  SuprCool™ technology enables superior performance and allows for wide flexibility in the placement of components.